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I was actually contemplating whether to title this post “painstaking panning” or “pain in the a## panning” (but that might be not too good for reputation), so I decided to just put the event’s name as title.

So, husband and kids were participating in this local triathlon. As always, apart from being the slave of the family, carrying and preparing this and that, I am also THE family and friends’ official photographer (not that I am complaining).

BUT, what I still don’t get is, when it’s time for me to take panning picture of my husband, I just can’t can’t (have I said can’t?) get it right. Pictures of other people always look technically better. Definitely more panning practice needs to be done.

Out of transition area after the swimming leg

Here’s him just out of transition area after the swimming leg

And these are pictures of other triathletes :






All were shot with Canon 50D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L