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Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Like real love life, I believe there is THE moment when we fall in love with our hobby, our passion. Some of us realise that we enjoy doing one particular activity, falling in love with it, pursue it and practice it religiously, seriously, intensely until they become some sort of expert.

While others, falling in love with it, but then for some reasons put it on hold, until one day they realise, heyyy, how about?… Then they wake up from the hiatus.

In this post I’d like to share my photos which were taken back in ’95 (don’t do the math please!). I believe that was my moment. Those were the time when I equipped myself with a hand-me-down pocket cam of Nikon RD2, 2 rolls of colour and 2 rolls of BW films upon hearing that I would be travelling to Russia and France. I have always loved BW, and what could be more perfect for Russia trip than BW films? In that era, for me, Russia was like entering a black and white movie.

At that time, of course, I know zip about photography. No knowledge whatsoever about composition, rule of 1/3, leading line, frame within frame, etc. All I knew was I needed to record the moments, because I don’t know when will I have the chance again to return, if ever. But looking at these photos now, I think I wasn’t THAT bad. Considering that, unlike digital age, you can’t afford too many clicks, can you?

So here are my “Early Photography” photos, whose negatives are unfortunately lost. I only scanned the prints, unedited, except adding my watermarks.



I must have shot this one in the city of Lavra. (?)

Through the glass

Staying in a converted convent accommodation in Suzdal, I took this picture from inside a wooden hut where I stayed.



A shopping arcade in Suzdal. I remember loving the architectural style. Oh, I also remember how amazed I was looking at how bare the interior of every shop was. The amount of goods they were displaying seemed so minimum.



Somewhere in St. Peterburg near Paul & Peter Fortress. (?)

Garden of Eden

Garden of Chateau de Versailles


Street artist in front of the palace

All were shot with Nikon RD2, which by the way, is still kept by my brother 😉