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The "regulars" in front of a sari sari shop

The “regulars” in front of a sari sari store

Sari sari (in Tagalog means variety) is small convenience stores which can be found in neighbourhoods all around Philippines. They are mostly privately owned. Some of the them are free-standing huts, while some are operated from inside the shop owner’s house, as it’s actually occupy 1 room of the house.

They sells basic / everyday necessities, from cooking oil to soap, candies to cigarettes, etc. The goods are normally displayed by the large plastic-covered windows or metal-barred window.

Rather than selling a whole package, in sari sari stores customers can buy the commodities in small amount. Therefore you can see small sachets of shampoo, 3-in-1 coffee, etc. The average spending per person in this kind of shop is around 8 pesos (around 2 US cents).

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