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A row of fully occupied tricycles

A row of fully occupied tricycles

This is another version of public transportation here, known as tricycle. The side car ideally can fit 4 people, while 2 people can sit on the motorbike behind the driver, making a total number to 6 passengers!

To be completely honest, their presence can be a total pain in the a**, as they go very slow and think of themselves as a motorbike, without realising that their width is almost like a small car, making it difficult to overtake on small roads. Their habit of stopping everywhere, without giving any signal, plus their inability to see what’s going on their right side (right side view mirror is on the motorbike itself?) make the matter worse.

Shot with Canon 50D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L, shot in AV @ 1/400, f/8, focal length 45mm, ISO 400