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Two weeks ago, I went out with a photography friend and our mentor. We wanted to basically pick his brain to improve our skills. After stopping at the second or third location, it just crossed our minds that we should learn panning. Great idea, right? Yes it was, except, we were up in the mountain area, during lunch time, and hardly any car nor motorcycle passing by.

Being a local and seasoned photographer, our mentor quickly solved the challenge. He told a motorbike taxi driver (locally known as habal habal) to drive up and down the empty road. So there he went, driving up, and driving down, and driving up, and driving down again, like 10 meter distance each time. I found it sooo hilarious.

Our mentor was busy explaining to us all the tricks, while at the same time shouting instructions to the driver with regards to speed, time to turn, etc. I have to say, it’s hard to stop laughing, seeing him driving up and down, just so that we can get proper shots.

After about 10 minutes, we paid the driver about US$ 1,50, enough for him to buy his lunch. I strongly believe, you can’t just do this in any country, can you? 🙂

Oh, the photo above is NOT of the above mentioned motorbike taxi driver. This motorbike passed by while I was all ready, thus was lucky enough to get this. I am very happy with this 3-people-on-a-bike shot.

Shot with Canon 50D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L, shot in M @ 1/60, f/22, focal length 60mm, ISO 200