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My favourite shot of the whole running leg. I managed to capture Ji Jeong Hwan from Korea (finishes 9th), in which his upper body looks perfectly clear and still, while his legs are levitating and blurry, showing the speed.


I was sitting on the ground at the other side of the road trying to capture Dickson Tam from Hong Kong (finishes 10th), when at the same time a car passed by right in front of me, making the picture looking like as if he was head to head with it.




Again, trying to capture that split second when the athletes are up in the air, above are from the elite women group :  Yuka Sato from Japan (finishes 2nd), Hoi Long from Macau (finishes 7th) and Chen Wei Chien from Taipei (finishes 11th).

All are shot with Canon 50D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L