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Last Saturday night, I went to watch a box fight for the first time in my life. I am not at all a big fan of boxing. I am the type who will definitely either a. leave the room, or b. switch the channel if a box fight is on on tv. But this time, after making sure that camera is allowed, I do want to watch, just for taking picture and for the sake of being able to say, yes, I have been to a box fight.

So I was sitting there clicking away, struggling with camera setting. Being behind the camera, I actually concentrated more on the picture taking process, rather than watching the real fight itself. Until my memory card is full (can’t believe I clicked the button more than 800 times?). Gotta select and delete. Then my battery died (no spare, as I never thought that a non-stop usage of 3 hours-ish can suck the battery life out). Sooo beginner’s problem, right?

As I no longer can use the camera, then I finally really, i mean, really watch the fight. And I realised something. This actually is my first, and will be my last, watching a box fight. Don’t get me wrong. I do respect the sport. Boxers lead a tough life with tough training. But being beaten up left and right is not what I enjoy watching. I find it to be depressive to watch the process of a smooth face transferred into a bloody swollen one. I know this will be a sport to which I would firmly stand my ground and say NO to my kids (if they ever be interested in it).

All are shot with Canon 50D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L