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Looking through this window for the last time

Looking through this window for the last time

This is my last photo of the home we have lived in for about a year. It has happened numerous time, but packing and leaving home have never been easy for me. Not the physical part, as we always have the professionals doing the job, but more the sentimental effect on me.

In each relocation which we have done, as I supervise and watch the workers packing our furnitures, our belongings, the funny feeling always starts to creep in. And as they have done the packing on the 2nd or 3rd day, and start carrying hundreds of boxes into the truck, I can’t help that sadness inside.

Then, as efficient as when they arrived, the container truck and all workers are gone transporting your goods to the warehouse. All of the sudden the home is no longer a home. It’s just a house. An empty shell.

It is now the time that I start walking from room to room, standing in the middle of each room, looking around to all corners, reminiscing, recollecting, replaying events which happened in those room. Then I literally say goodbye to each individual room, while keeping the memories inside me.

Shot with Canon 50D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L, shot in AV @ 1/6, f/4, focal length 35mm, ISO 500