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He would have been 76 today. It was a Sunday evening 35 years ago, when we heard the news about the crash of the helicopter he was flying. Needless to say, it was a shock, even for my 6 year old mind.

I still remember telling myself at that time, “Just think of it as if he’s away to America, but this time he will be going for a looooong time”. I believe it was my built-in system. A survival mechanism of a 6 year old girl. Yes, at that time USA, the country where my father sometimes needed to go to, seemed to be so far away for me.

There were times in my early teenage life when I was thinking, “What if, just if, he actually did not pass away, as I have never seen his body. What if, he’s actually still alive, somewhere else, living a different life”.

Until one day in my late teenage year, it actually crossed my mind that, yes of course he’s gone. In fact, his body is so gone until what is left inside his grave would be only bones. But that was only the story of human physic. The real him is actually still alive somewhere in my current life, in my memory…

Here’s the picture of one of the items which he had with him when the fatal accident happened. His 50mm lens, complete with its hood, is still attached to the camera body, while the body is cracked open beyond repair. It’s the most precious camera which I treasure…

Shot with Canon 50D, Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II, shot in M @ 1/30, f/2, ISO 400