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The very interesting part of coming back to the place you grew up in is, you get to revisit the places you used to visit when you are small (read : younger).

This restaurant, which is known as “Bakmie Boy”, located in the south part of Jakarta and is famous for their bakmie (noodle), while also serves very few rice menu. My mom used to take all of us there for a bowl of noodle, accompanied by meatballs or wontons. Today we went down the memory lane and revisit this place. Amazingly, the menu has never changed and the food still tastes the same up to now.

But what I find even more amazing is, their system has not changed either. It’s still the same lady (owner, manager, boss, all in one) sitting behind the exact same table since donkey years ago. On the picture above, you are able to see how the ordering and cashiering work here.

After the customers write their order on a self-made notebook (a stack of blank paper) with carbonized paper in between 1st and 2nd page, with a pencil (which obviously is sharpened by knife or cutter – no proper pencil sharpener has been used up to now), then the waiter (there’s never been a waitress here, I just realized!) will send 1 copy of the order to the kitchen, while the original goes to the lady boss. She will then clip it in between that fixed metal pieces on the table, marked with your table number.

After you finished your food, you are expected to go over to her (as other people are queueing for your seat), tell your table number, then she will add everything up (first manually, then confirmed by calculator) and you should pay everything by cash.

At the end of the day, if a system works, why change it, right?! 🙂

Shot with iPhone 4S