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So, apparently this is my last posting of this year. Picture number 365 of my 365 projects. What a journey it has been.

To reflects on my own questions, what have a learned from this project? A lot. Time management is one thing, just like any other project. At the beginning, during the first few months, I was very discipline, always posted early morning, before other daily activities took my spare time. On the last few months, the discipline wore thin and I started slacking off. The posting time got later and later in the day, evening, night, even past midnight.

I started to cheat, beating the system. I learned that I can change the time zone, which I did several times (!). Then I started cheating even more, by editing the publishig time (!). All this make the late posts appear ‘on time’ on my blog, hahaha.

To be honest, I take pictures most days. However, there are days that I just can’t take pictures for whatever reasons (busy, photos taken are way too meh, etc). I have to admit that iPhone saves most of these days. However, I have this folder, which I named ‘wordpress materials’, where I keep those considerably good pictures to be used in ‘just in case’ situations. This folder acts like my ‘bank’, consists of photos I take during trips, events, etc, basically time when I am able to capture tens of interesting shots. I don’t call this cheating, as those are MY photos, it’s just not necessarily from that particular day. All are recent 2013 though!

I am still trying to find my niche. I realized that I love capturing portraitures of kids and old people, whose every lines in her / his face tells stories. I am also passionate about street photography, which I did a lot during my stay in Cebu, but not so much since we moved to Jakarta. I really have to carry my camera more often, as you just never know what can be captured.

I gained ‘friendships’ through this blog. Those whom I follow and those who follow me. I was a little bit apprehensive before starting this blog, wondering whether I will get nasty comments, insulting criticism, etc. Turned out it is far far away from that. Not even once that I received negative comments. You are all very supportive, sharing your knowledge and your positive auras. I have learned a lot from you all, simply by following  your journey, looking at your photos & descriptions and reading your comments. Next year, I have to be more active visiting your blogs, picking your brains, learning your tips and tricks. Thank you for all that you have shared with me.

Will I do another 365 project in 2014? Without doubt I will. It becomes my ritual, sort of. I think I will feel lost if I quit just like that. Will I still cheat by playing around the time zone and publishing time? I guess so, if I have to, haha, no promise there.

So thank you once again. Wishing all of you a wonderful new year celebration and I see you all in 2014!!! Cheers :-* …

Shot with Canon 50D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L, shot in AV @ 1/1000, f/4, focal length 105mm, ISO 400